Our Vision

The New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools (NZAIMS) is the Promoter of Middle Schooling (Years 7–10) in New Zealand.

We aim to:

  • Promote middle years schooling in New Zealand.
  • Promote professional development that effectively influences middle schooling.     
  • Be “the voice” of middle schooling at national decision maker level.



NZAIMS Strategy 2017:

Articulate in all possible forum and media the need for 1:120 Resourcing Engage NZEI in specialist teacher job descriptions.

Outcomes: Ministry and Ministers understanding the "Rich Curriculum" The retention of the 1:120 staffing component

Articulate and represent in all possible forum and media the need to review and redress staffing years 4-8 of schooling.  The highest teacher-pupil ratio and the lowest dollar per student resourcing value.

Outcomes: Enhanced staffing for students in years 4-10 through movement on the current 1:29 staffing formula as part of the revised staffing regulations.  Grow the understanding that middle schooling provides a rich curriculum that requires greater funding, resourcing and staffing

Grow Membership Numbers  through increased relevance and effectiveness as an organisation

Outcome:  Full Membership 150, Affiliate Membership 200

Become the preferred provider of PD for middle schooling in NZ

Outcome:  Have evidence to base planning for 2018 PLD work.  Events will be well subscribeStrategyMaintain and further “Partnerships” with sponsorship partners

Outcome:  Retain 10 partnership agreements. When planning events build in the sponsor roles and the relationship maintenance. Establish one Platinum Sponsor.

Promote and prepare for the 2017 Australasian Conference in Brisbane to ensure the association is both visible and active

Outcome:  NZAIMS presenters at Brisbane conference - schools-teacher

Decide on and promote the decided direction of 2018 conference.


Outcome:  Professionally targeted programme.  More than 120 Full Registrations.  Fiscally appropriate outcome planned for and achieved in 2018. Increased Australasian participation 20+ Aus registration total 140.  Programme planned and ready for announcement in Brisbane.

 Expand Comms Actions through new WEB PAGE and information sharing networks


Outcome:  Webpage a source of info for Members.  The NZAIMS network uses and refers to the communication channel.  The Association events can be done efficiently with improved event and fiscal software to aid logistics and finances of the association.  Networks continue to expand with a growth in mailing lists.