Knowing what is important and being prepared to challenge those who don't have this understanding.

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Wednesday November 2, 2016

Know where you come from, Know where you stand and Know what you stand for!

"Te muru i atu te kiri ki te kitea te ngakau o te mea" - strip away the bark and find the heart of the matter.  

For more than sixty years Tame Iti has challenged those who ignored and lacked respect for Tikanga Maori and mana.  When told he couldn't speak Maori at school,   he ignored it, when his culture was ignored he challenged often resulting in highly contentious  and publicised reactions.

Tame has shared a pictorial summary of journey from a child to a Kaumatua within the associated powerpoint.  This powerpoint  will be added when received to provide a memory reference for those who were fortunate enough to have heard his authentic and deeply meaningful address   during the NZAIMS conference in Whakatane.