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By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Thursday February 2, 2017

Vicki is well advanced with planning and preparations for the 2017 NZAIMS games. We all know, the Tauranga Team, led by Vicki will face and resolve challenges but the memories, even life-changing experiences for students will be worth it.

Happy New Year – planning is well underway for the 14th AIMS Games International Sporting Championships!! I look forward to working with you in the build-up to the 2017 AIMS GAMES - Sunday 10th September to Friday 15th September. 

For schools wanting to know how they can get involved contact Vicki Semple, AIMS Games Tournament Director at [email protected]. If you would like to be removed from the AIMS Games email distribution list please email me.

To get a taste of what the AIMS Games is all about   -   watch an introductory video.


1) Students competing must be enrolled full-time in the school they are representing.

2) New Zealand students competing must be a Year 7 or Year 8 student.

3) New Zealand schools must be an affiliated member of NZAIMS - New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling

4) Students may compete in more than one code, however timetable allowances will NOT be made for any competitors.

5) Competitors must be Over 10 years and 13 years of age or Under as at the 1st January of the tournament year (2017).

6) Competitor’s birthdates will be required on future team registration documentation.


Friday 10th March

  • Schools will be in receipt of the 2017 AIMS Games Registration Booklet (hardcopy and electronic version).
  • Team/Individual registration forms for each code will be online for participating schools to complete.
  • There won’t be a registration sheet in the booklet as we will again have online entries with EnterNOW.
  • A ‘Quick Start Guide’ for EnterNOW will be sent out with the Registration Booklet (each school will have a unique AIMS Games registration log in code).

Wednesday 14th June

  • Entries close for the 2017 AIMS Games at 11.59pm
  • Tennis individual sporting code names and grade details must be submitted by this time as grades are required to select the players if registration is oversubscribed).
  • The EnterNOW system will generate a confirmation email three days prior to entries closing so school coordinators can check that they have entered the correct individual numbers, teams, codes etc.
  • The AIMS Games Trust has a strict NO REFUND policy from this date! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Wednesday 28th June

  • All schools must have paid their registration invoice to have their entry confirmed.
  • The AIMS Games Trust has a strict NO REFUND policy (from Wednesday 14th June)
  • Late entries (if accepted) will incur a 50% penalty fee

Wednesday 5th July

  • Confirmation sent to all 2017 participating schools.
  • If registration for a sporting code is oversubscribed then the opportunity to compete will be at the discretion of the executive committee.

Wednesday 2nd August

  • All Team/Individual online name & code information registration forms to be completed (to meet the tournament booklet printing deadline).

Sunday 10th September

  • The 14th AIMS Games International Sporting Championships opens

Friday 15th September

  • The 14th AIMS Games International Sporting Championships closes.

If I can help with any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Warm regards

Vicki Semple

 [email protected]

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