Term 3, time to start thinking of next year.

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Wednesday July 25, 2018

NZAIMS is representing your views in this time of change while providing PLD relevant to middle schooling.

Welcome to Term Three. Thank you very much to all who attended our Auckland Conference. It was a resounding success, great speakers and opportunities for networking. A special thank you to, Iki Valivaka, a wonderful M.C. who managed to keep over 120 teachers focused and on time.

September 3-4 is our Specialist Teachers Conference, this year in Wellington. There are no places left.  Later in Term Four we have our first conference for our teachers. Check the website for the list of speakers, another event well worth supporting.

The Exec do appreciate the tremendous support we are receiving for you our members and will continue to provide opportunities for you and your staff to be informed about what is happening across our network. If you have any ideas regarding future events please contact me. Current information is available on our website.

Exec members continue to represent us at numerous meetings in Wellington as our new government reviews the current Education systems. The review of ‘Tomorrows Schools’ and the ‘Curriculum Progress and Achievement ‘ reference groups have the potential to really impact on how we work and so I encourage you and your staff to fill out the surveys. A staff meeting is the ideal time to do this.

NZAIMS is collecting your feedback on the ‘Tomorrows Schools’ review to write a situation paper. When this is completed we have been invited to present our findings to the ‘Tomorrows Schools taskforce.’ We want to clearly express what is important to Middle Schooling as we look forward to the future.

I would like to thank the Exec member for the numerous tasks they are all involved in. Frequently we fill in for each other and the willingness of all to assist makes my job so much easier. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated team.

Have an enjoyable term and take care of your self and your staff and

I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.

Sharon Keen