Aspiring Leaders Presentations - Resources

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Friday April 7, 2017

Please find assembled for your use, the speaker presentations from the Aspiring Leaders conference held at Waipunanau March 29-30, 2017.

Please find below Mark Osborne and Mary-Anne Murphys’ presentations used at the Aspiring Leaders conference.

Mark Osborne – Building Readiness for Change 

Mary-Anne Murphy – From Baby Boomers to GenZers - 

Mark Osborne – Supporting staff through change -

Mary-Anne Murphy – Building Emotional Capital

Re Iain Taylor and Ngahihi o t era Bidois – because of the nature of their address no presentations are available for these speakers.

Attendee schools, we appreciate your support of this event and welcome you completing the review survey.  

This information informs further PLD opportunities that NZAIMS develops to support  Middle schooling.