Brian Diver - NZAIMS Life membership.

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Tuesday October 23, 2018

During the recent NZAIMS annual meeting, the exceptional work of Brian Divers principal of Tauranga Intermediate was recognised with a Life membership award. Below the comments of Jill Welden in making this presentation in conjunction with Henk Popping.

Morena colleagues,

It is with regret that Henk Popping is unable to be here to make this important presentation.

However, a family bereavement has to take priority.

NZAIMS wishes to recognise the work of Brian Diver principal of TAURANGA INTERMEDIATE from which he intends to retire at the end of term 1 2019.

Brian became principal of Tauranga Int in 1994. This school has grown into NZ’s largest primary/intermediate school during Brian's leadership.

  • Many thousands of students have benefitted from Brian's committed and focused principalship.

  • Many colleagues have become leaders of their own schools as a consequence of Brian's expert leadership and tutoring of the TIS team.

  • Many teachers have benefitted as classroom leaders of learning as Brian laboured to achieve quality learning environments for children and teachers.

  • TIS was acknowledged by winning the school of the year - Goodman Fielder award in the early 2000s

A strong advocate of intermediate and middle schooling Brian has welcomed, supported and farewelled many principals in Waikato and the Eastern BOP during his quarter of a century at TIS. He has strongly supported NZAIMS although resisted encouragement to join the executive.

When Brian slows and reflects on his significant, successful and lengthy career, he will remember a conversation with Henk in 2003 as they drove from an NZAIMS meeting that will provide genuine satisfaction.

This conversation was the seed of the NZ AIMS GAMES. The co-founder and chairman for 15 years, Brians committed and passionate leadership for the largest sporting event in the southern hemisphere is legendary. VICKI SEMPLE NZAIMS GAMES coordinator describes Brian as “A LEGEND" who always thinks of the kids while passionately promoting the NZAIMS GAMES.

It's worth noting that athlete numbers have grown to almost 11000, bigger than the commonwealth games which means the population of Tauranga expanded by approx. 15000 last week.

The “effect size” of that conversation has been IMMENSE and far-reaching indeed!

So Brian is unique, student centred and leading NZs largest intermediate. What characteristics are apparent when we think of Brian?

  • Kids first

  • Highly Intelligent

  • Competitor and competitive

  • motivated

  • clever and clear thinking

  • visionary

  • Planner

  • Energetic

  • Detailed Finisher

  • Practical

  • Determined

  • Unrelenting

  • An Enabler

  • Purposeful

But one thing is always apparent

BRIAN DOES THE MAHI. - He walks the talk.

Brian's contribution to education has been very significant. Highly successful and effective and will be long remembered beyond this moment.

Thank you Brian Diver,

  • Thinker

  • Innovator.

  • Leader,

  • Good Bloke

  • Principal.

In conclusion, the words of Thereaux seem appropriate

“Go well Brian, live the life you and Robyn dream of”

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