Teacher's kindness and care change lives.

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Wednesday November 7, 2018

Kindness and courtesy takes little, and costs nothing! November 13th, "World Kindness Day" is an important day.

World Kindness Day 2018

MOE Communications Brief

Shared with schools at the request of the Ministry of Education..

The following brief shows how the Ministry of Education can promote World Kindness Day on 13th November 2018.

This is a opportune day to promote kindness in schools – as advocated by the Oat the Goat story - and bullying prevention via the Bullying-Free NZ website. It is also an opportunity to communicate the benefits of positive school culture and positive behaviour for learning.

This approach is consistent with one of the deliverables for our Wellbeing Strategy for 2018-19. Namely, to use all available opportunities to promote wellbeing by sharing material and messaging between BPAG members. This brief will be shared with members of BPAG to encourage engagement in World Kindness Day via their channels and stakeholders

Key Messages

- World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on 13th November. Highlighting good deeds in the community, World Kindness Day focuses on the positive power and common thread of kindness which binds us.

- Practising kindness in our schools and creates positive and safe learning environments for all children and young people.

- It’s at school that young people develop many of their social skills and learning skills including how to co-operate and engage in caring and helpful interactions that prepare them for life and prevent bullying.

- Oat the Goat teaches young children aged 4-7 the power of kindness, empathy and tolerance though storytelling www.oatthegoat.co.nz

Communications Objective

· The importance of creating positive, safe learning environments enables a culture of wellbeing for students.

· Help children learn the power of kindness through the adventures of Oat the Goat. The focus of this animated tale is on children learning how to get on with each other. (Classroom resources available on Bullying-Free NZ).

· To encourage students to share examples of kindness towards other students, their teacher, or members of the community

· To raise the profile of anti-bullying resource for primary and secondary schools – the Bullying-Free NZ website and resources.

There are various resources available for schools to encourage kindness and build positive learning environments, including:

· Positive Behaviour for Learning (http://pb4l.tki.org.nz/) : supports schools, early childhood services and whānau to promote positive behaviour and create inclusive learning environments

· [email protected] survey (http://www.wellbeingatschool.org.nz/about-ws-tools): designed to explore how school life contributes to creating a safe and caring climate. The student survey is free of charge for schools.

· Bullying-Free NZ website: bullying prevention tools and resources, including classroom activities (https://www.bullyingfree.nz/schools/activities-and-events/ ) about kindness

External Communications - Social Media

Facebook: video of Oat the Goat, and image with line in Te Reo and English

Twitter: examples below to go out the day before and on World Kindness Day

· It’s World Kindness Day – see how Oat the Goat teaches young children the power of kindness, empathy and tolerance [link to classroom resources]

· What did you do today at school that showed kindness towards another student, your teacher, or a member of your community? Share your kindness story here with us and others

· Reducing bullying increases achievement and makes schools happier places. On World Kindness Day see what resources we have to prevent bullying [link to Bullying-Free NZ website]

· Let’s practice kindness in our schools and highlight positive, safe learning environments on World Kindness Day 13 November. See these resources [link pb4l.tki.org.nz]

· See how Kiwi kids helped Nepalese kids in this wonderful act of kindness [link to updated story]

BPAG members: could send out own Tweets and Facebook messages, and re-tweet each other’s messages to link audiences.

External Communications – Newsletter

A newsletter sent via MailChimp will go out to schools and organisations that subscribe to Bullying-Free New Zealand. This is a regular update and will in this instance cover World Kindness Day and new Bullying-Free NZ resources.

Internal Communications

World Kindness Day will be mentioned on MOE’s intranet, where we will give an update on a story from the Ed Gazette of Kiwi kids fundraising for children in Nepal. We will also encourage staff to carry out random acts of kindness on the day, read Oat the Goat to their family/whānau members, or check out the Bullying-Free New Zealand resources for schools on the website

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