Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together Whiria Ng Kura Ttinitini Report

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Sunday December 9, 2018

Message to Principals regarding - Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together Whiria Ng Kura Ttinitini Report by the Tomorrows Schools Independent Taskforce

Dear Principals

One of the recommendations from the ‘Tomorrow's Schools’ working party relates to the restructuring of the education system to be either:

Recommendation from the report,

“The phasing in of schooling provision that provides more stability and better transitions for students - for example, primary, middle school, senior college, or full primary, secondary school, or composite school.”

The NZAIMS Exec will be urgently meeting and deciding on a plan of action to ensure that our middle schooling organization has strong input into the consultation process. Your opinions and support will be very important to us over the next few months.

Our current stance is-

We have always supported the concept of ‘Middle Schooling’ and would support a system that includes Primary 1-6, Middle 7-10 and Secondary 11-13. We see the potential this system has as a means of addressing the learning needs of young adolescents through the delivery of a local, seamless curriculum.

NZAIMS would strongly oppose the alternative proposal of a system that has Primary 1-8 and Secondary 9-13 as we do not believe this has the potential to ensure seamless learning journeys for young adolescents except in isolated and rural setting. Our education system needs to reflect an awareness of the specific stage and age requirements of students so in the middle years they can achieve to the best of their abilities across the breadth and depth of the NZ Curriculum.

To be put simply, we need schools that meet the needs of our young people as they grow and these schools need to be different at every major developmental stage.

Please feel free to send us any comments around these statements. Please forward your views to [email protected], we will represent your views. Ross will collate information and share this with the exec and membership.

We also ask that you communicate with your community regarding these announcements. We appreciate how busy this week is and so have attached a short statement for your use. Please feel free to adapt in any way.

We hope this is of some help. Please keep in touch with us and we will do our best to keep you informed. In situations like this, it is important that our voice is heard.

Enjoy your last few days of term.

Sharon Keen 

NZAIMS President