Teaching and School Practices survey tool

By NZCER | Posted: Monday August 28, 2017

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The items are based on robust evidence about effective practices for student learning, that are consistent with the New Zealand Curriculum, ERO's School Evaluation Indicators, and the new Standards for the Teaching Profession.The tool has been developed by NZCER on behalf of the Ministry of Education, with the support of an Advisory Group of sector group leaders, researchers, professional developers, the Education Council, ERO, and the Ministry of Education.It is free for New Zealand schools, and available in Terms 2 and 3 each year.

What does the survey tool cover?

The tool has three main sections:

1. The Teaching Practices section is completed by teachers and teaching principals. It covers:• Optimising students’ opportunities to learn• Diversity, equity and inclusion• Learning-focused partnerships• Inquiry• Being Professional

2. The School Practices section is completed by teachers and principals. It focuses on practices that provide the conditions for effective teaching. It covers:

• School goals (how they are set, the role they play)• Supportive and caring environment• Coherent curriculum and evaluation• Learning-focused partnerships• Strategic resource allocation• Developing professional practice• The principal’s leadership.

3. The Principal Leadership section is also completed by teachers and principals. It focuses on how principals lead and how they establish conditions for staff to carry out their role effectively.Schools can now draw on a new source of information about their teaching and school practices.The Teaching and School Practices online survey tool at www.tspsurveys.org.nz provides schools with robust information and insight about teaching practices, school processes and leadership capability. You can use the information for inquiry, review, and planning.

What does the survey tool involve?The survey will take 15-20 minutes for teachers to complete, and 10-15 minutes for principals. Participation is voluntary. All responses are completely confidential. NZCER hosts the surveys and safeguards the data.As soon as the principal closes off the survey in their school, they’ll get two sets of graphical reports, one with both their and their teachers’ responses to each item and one with teacher responses only. These reports go only to the school principal.  They can choose which to share with their staff and others.  If your school is in a Kāhui Ako, you can choose to have your school data contribute to an aggregated picture in which individual schools will not be identifiable. Principals may also choose to share their individual reports for their Kāhui Akowork together.

National use

NZCER will provide a national report at the end of the year, giving the Ministry of Education and the sector a useful picture about strengths and needs. In future, it can also show whether there have been changes in teaching and school practices.

You can learn more and register for use at www.tspsurveys.org.nz 

Questions are also asked about the experience and work of the teacher or principal completing the survey, including, number of years teaching, their current role, Kāhui Ako participation if the school belongs to one, workload, and morale.