Clarification of SPECIALIST PROGRAMME Cost Recovery.

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Wednesday November 13, 2019

No black and white one solution fits all interpretations, as all school situations are unique.

November 13, 2020.

Dear Colleagues,

There is much dialogue around the current donation scheme and we are advised that there will be a further Government announcement around the donation scheme made by the minister later this week.

The recovery of costs by schools for takehome items from specialist programmes and EOTC costs are also to the fore with MOE revising the infographic guidance and information sheets provided on the MOE webpage.

On Tuesday, November 12, Sharon Keen, Jonathon Tredray and Ross Leach met with Katrina Casey specifically to discuss and clarify issues which had emerged from middle schooling across New Zealand.

During this meeting, it was very clear that the Ministry of Education personnel are very aware of the situation and made the following points.

  • No black and white one solution fits all interpretations, as all school situations are unique.

  • There is no intent or MOE personnel going to be specifically focused on monitoring schools cost recovery but will, as currently MOE does, respond to complaints made to MOE offices.

  • Schools can request payments to recover costs of TAKEHOME ITEMS from specialists programmes (many of our members request a cost recovery of $80 -100 that covers items taken home throughout the year).

  • Schools can not seek cost recovery to assist with curriculum delivery.

  • The Ministry, via Katrina Casey will release a further clarification following the government announcement later this week.

So what is the NZAIMS advice / position following this meeting?

We suggest you read the guidelines carefully and interpret these in a fair and reasonable manner. Before the start of the 2020 school year, Boards of Trustees information for parents on payment requests should be made available in plain language.


During 2020, MOE will seek feedback on the implications and points requiring clarification, modification or reconsideration and NZAIMS has committed to participate in that process.

If you are wanting to discuss your situation with either Jonathon or Sharon they are most happy to speak with you.

I trust this provides some clarification

Nga Mihi nui,

Sharon Keen

NZAIMS President

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