Our colleagues in Auckland certainly deserve our, Covpassion.

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Thursday November 5, 2020

The author suggested we add, Covpasssion to our vocabulary, compassion for those affected in some way by Covid-19, which, by extension is all of us.

Kia ora koutou

I recently read an article outlining the extraordinary year we are living through. The author suggested we add, ‘Covpasssion’ to our vocabulary, compassion for those affected in some way by Covid-19, which, by extension is all of us. Our colleges in Auckland certainly deserve our, “Covpassion.”

Many of the Executives usual engagements have been cancelled, postponed or changed to zoom meetings, a means of communication I was unaware of this time last year. However, our Executive, like us all have adapted and worked hard to maintain the voice of Intermediate and Middle Schooling with the decision-makers.

I would like to thank the NZAIMs Executive members; Jonathan Tredray (Vice President), Phil Tappenden, Gary Sweeney, Angela Lowe, Daryl Gibbs, Nathan Leith and Ross Leach ( Executive Officer), for their support and willingness to engage in new challenges.

We have continued to be involved in a number of MOE working groups but also have recently met with the MOE Curriculum leaders to voice our concerns around our lack of engagement, particularly with work that has been carried out in the revised Technology area, an area that is a major point of difference for our school types. Currently MoE and NZAIMS are addressing this situation.

The AIMS games trust has contacted the Exec requesting an Exec member represent NZAIMS on their revised trust board. This is a much-appreciated move, as it is recognition of the origins of the AIMS games and reinforces the close relationship between our sector and the games. Thank you to all the principals engaged with the trust and we are all hopeful that our teams meet again in 2021 in Tauranga.

We are currently engaged in discussions with an ITE provider who is developing a school-based, online programme with regular classroom experience. Our sector is well placed to assist with the classroom experience and could certainly provide a positive profile for the middle years.

NZAIMS responds to membership opinion, providing ‘age and stage’, relevant PLD as an important part of strengthening our sector, particularly using our own expertise.

Our "Breakthrough Leadership" conference planned for 2020 and the "Beyond Buzzy Bees and Number 8 Wire" specialist conference have both been deferred to 2021. "Breakthrough Leadership" information will be confirmed and distributed very soon. Registration information for "Beyond Buzzy Bees and Number 8 Wire" is available now. This provides opportunity for you to register early using this year’s unspent budget is available now.

I have been honoured to serve as the President of NZAIMS and together, with you and the executive members, look forward to ensuring the voice of the Middle Years is heard.

Sharon Keen


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