In Brief - edition 3/21

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Tuesday August 3, 2021

A Summary of NZAIMS recent months - Executive Representations, Actions and Involvements. Designed to inform at a glance with links to the substance. These highly summarised notes of discussions, interactions and decisions from recent meetings are shared to keep you up to date. Details are available by contacting the relevant executive member listed directly in Work in Progress.


REMINDER THAT NOMINATIONS PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT and up to 6 EXECUTIVE MEMBERS, CLOSE THURSDAY AUG 12.    Nomination materials have been distributed previously in this document and that forward by Craig O'Connell of RaP consulting who is the returning officer appointed by NZAIMS to coordinate this process. 


The NZAIMS executive met with Pauline Cleaver (MoE Curriculum Refresh Coordinator).  During this meeting, it became clear that the refresh was looking at aligning the front of the curriculum with the definition of content areas.  Strong advocacy for the inclusion of a clear statement such as that on P41 of the current NZC and the identification and inclusion of years 7-10 as a distinct and relevant age and stage of learning and development was made. Pauline has, over time consistently stated that she is keen to listen to the practitioner's voice in the refresh of the curriculum. Intermediate Middle Schooling is represented on the Curriculum Voices group of 61 people, by Daryl Gibbs, Principal Cambridge Middle school, and Kara Mason, Deputy Principal Monrad Intermediate.  The Curriculum Advisory Group of 12 announced recently includes, Melini Fasavalu who is the Principal of Waimahia Intermediate School, Auckland and Donovan Te Ahunui Farnham who is a strategic leader in Māori-medium education at Pasadena Intermediate School, Auckland.  On behalf of all Intermediate Middle schooling, the executive congratulates them on their appointment and thanks to these people for their commitment to and support of the refresh to better meet the needs of Intermediate Middle schooling.  PRESENTATION from Pauline is linked here.


More than 25,000 athletes, officials and supporters will descend on Tauranga for the 17th Anchor AIMS Games School Sporting Championships. Given where we were a year ago and the incredible uncertainty around all sports, this is an incredible response from our participating schools and the wider sporting community. It shows just how much appetite is out there for this kind of event, where people can get back to some normalcy, reward young athletes with a week of fun and camaraderie and enjoy all that Tauranga has to offer.

350 schools have entered, including 91 participating for the first time. While the overall numbers are quite simply staggering, it's the dramatic surge in the mixed, non-traditional codes that's really exciting for us. Introducing divisions like Rip Rugby, six-aside hockey and 3-on-3 basketball has made a massive difference to the smaller schools that don't have the numbers to form full single-sex teams. It means they too get to experience all the incredible things a week-long tournament with their mates can provide. It also means the Anchor AIMS Games is even more inclusive, more accessible and is well on its way to becoming an exemplar event on the New Zealand sporting landscape.

It’s vital that kids at this age don’t specialise too early - they need to try as many sports and pastimes as possible and develop all-round skills and enjoyment. That’s a massive driver for us, to give our competitors as many options as possible and also expose them to other sports they may not have experienced before.

The 2021 Anchor AIMS Games will be held from September 4-10 in Tauranga.

- 2021 Anchor AIMS Games - Tauranga
- September 4-10
- 350 schools
- 23 sports

Vicki Semple

Anchor AIMS Games Tournament Directo

TE MAHAU ( The Porch) previously titled Education Service Agency 

Secretary Holsted has invited input to how Te Mahau will look and act as part of the already decided revised Ministry of Education structure.  We are advised many opportunities will occur in the near future for Intermediate Middle schooling leaders and practitioners to now make input to populating this predetermined framework. Close alignment between, practitioner focus independent from bureaucratic functions, awareness of practitioner needs, the currency of expertise, the resource availability and relevance, the online resource back up as well as transformational attitudinal changes from the current MOE mode is all high priority for Intermediate Middle schooling.   The utilisation of secondment processes and salary inducements to ensure the attractiveness of these positions to highly successful teachers within a professional pathway is seen as paramount to advance educational leadership positions.

TEACHING COUNCIL - Rauhuia – Principal Leadership Strategy - Leadership Space Development

The executive recently met with Tamahau Rowe and his presentation is linked here.  The executive also spoke with the two principals seconded to research what the profession wants the Teaching Council based Rauhuia - leadership space to look like.  Linda Miller and Iva Ropati shared some of their initial findings which will be reported before the end of term 3.  It is clear that the profession is responding openly and with constructive intent to the consultation being conducted by Linda and Iva.  Initial findings are shared here.  NZAIMS you to make submission to this process if you have not already had the opportunity.

Ngā mihi nui, 

Sharon Keen
NZAIMS  President

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