IN BRIEF 2 - 2021

By NZAIMS inc | Posted: Sunday June 13, 2021

A Summary of NZAIMS recent months - Executive Representations, Actions and Involvements. Designed to inform at a glance with links to the substance These highly summarised notes of discussions, interactions and decisions from recent meetings are shared to keep you up to date. Details are available by contacting the relevant executive member listed directly in Work in Progress.

Education Service Agency Progress -

Tari Ratonga Matauranga (Education Service Agency) - now rebranded by the education secretary as Te Mahau (the front porch). Announcements from the secretary clarifying the decisions taken to this point and moving forward.  The invitation seeking collaboration from the sector has been made, giving the relevant timelines. Click here to view the document1 released by the secretary. Click here for document 2 released by the secretary. We look forward to constructively engaging in the coconstruction of this practitioner-focused education sector resource.

Leadership Space Development - 

In consultation with representative groups from across the sector, NZAIMS is jointly donating to support expenses for 2 principals for 2 terms.  The Principals are tasked with gathering and collating opinions from around the country as to what the leadership space should look like. It is desirable, this space is led by teachers for teachers, being reflective and responsive to the education sector's needs.   This work will continue during terms 2 and 3. 

PÅ«aotanga Staffing and Resourcing Review - 

 Starting from the following NZAIMS held view,

NZAIMS is the voice of Intermediate Middle schooling, representing 270 000 students, 36% of those in New Zealand compulsory education. NZAIMS believes strongly, a 13-year-old student in any of the 6 possible school types (Intermediate, Middle School, Junior high, Area School, Year 7 - 13 High school and Full primary) providing for Intermediate Middle Schooling students within New Zealand should receive the same level of resourcing for their education.

Following the compilation and presentation of an executive coordinated submission, the consequent report reflected responded to and endorsed the NZAIMS delivered factual base.  Recommendations are seen as promoting the resolution of the current anomaly in the resourcing structure.  For the full report, click on the heading of this item.

NZCER Electoral College process - 

NZAIMS will participate in the NZCER elections via the electoral college process.

Curriculum Refresh -

This is now in motion and will be a multi-year process moving into each learning area and knowledge silo and then moving forward.  NZAIMS is represented by Daryl Gibbs (Principal Cambridge Middle school) and Kara Mason (Deputy Principal Monrad Intermediate) in this working group.  Thanks to Phil Tappenden for attending this working group when Daryl was unable to attend.  The most recent working papers are linked here. KEY MESSAGES  MEETING SLIDE SHOW 

NZAIMS Electoral Process for all executive positions - 

We are now completing stage one, the email address base for the electoral process.  School leaders, please ensure you have or do complete the form circulated fully in the last three weeks. 

Breakthrough Leadership Conference wrap up - 

A highly successful NZAIMS leadership conference created by Cathy Chalmers and Jonathon Tredray, coordinated by Learning Network, took place in Queenstown last week.  While travel for some proved challenging, the venue and the programme proved stimulating to good leadership team soul and cognitive activity.  Thanks to the outstanding work in rescuing this conference from the clutches of a 2020 Covid 19 lockdown. 

Beyond Buzzy Bees and Buzzy Bees wrap up - 

Another rescued conference from the 2020 Covid Lockdowns this consistent yet innovative PLD event was held in Turanga, the Christchurch City Library.  A superb example of the design innovation which the conference focussed on.  This, the second NZAIMs conference in Christchurch since 2011, was hosted brilliantly with attendees leaving enthused, endorsed, and inspired by their two days of PLD.   Sincere thanks to Breens Intermediate, Casebrook Intermediate, Chisnallwood Intermediate, and Kirkwood Intermediate for their generous support of this extremely successful event.



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