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A Summary of NZAIMS last 3 months - Executive Representations, Actions and Involvements. Designed to inform at a glance. These highly summarised notes of discussions, interactions and decisions from recent meetings are shared to keep you up to date. Details are available by contacting the relevant executive member listed directly in Work in Progress.

STAFFING REVIEW - NZAIMS strongly believes that a 13-year-old student in any of the 6 possible school types providing for middle schooling students within New Zealand should receive the same level of resourcing for their education. This is not the case today. NZAIMS has researched and will share a submission for the NZEI review of Staffing and Resourcing of New Zealand schooling. The executive consistently represents this view, identifying this anomaly at all levels, at all opportunities.

NZAIMS SUBMISSION to Puaotanga - An independent review into primary school staffing.

This is the written submission made to the review and endorsed by an oral presentation by Sharon Keen and Nathan Leith. Please do take the time to read share and utilise when making your own submission.

Rauhuia Principal Professional Development Strategy Lead Principal Job Description:

In collaboration with Teaching Council and education peak bodies NZAIMS endorses and encourages this initiative to involve practitioners at the foundation level in the development of the Leadership Space. Attached is the draft job description. For further information contact NZPF national office which is coordinating this process on behalf of the representative bodies.  [email protected]


NZAIMS continues to work with Ministry updating the Technology curriculum Documentation. Released last year with no reference to middle schooling MOE documents are being updated to include specialist Programmes in Intermediate Middle schooling. Jonathon Tredray and Ross Leach are working with a MOE media team to develop this piece of work which will be succinct with links to resource and stories useful to intermediate middle schooling.

NZAIMS will celebrate 100 years of Intermediate Middle schooling during 2022. Work has begun on the events and activities planned for this nationwide year of celebratory activities acknowledging New Zealand’s uniquely age and stage appropriate response to adolescent learners. Much more to come on this in NZAIMS communications.

Mental Health Education Guidelines for years 1-13 draft. NZAIMS executive responded to an MOE requested 10 day turn around in February to review and make a submission to Associate Professor Melinda Webber and Dr Katie Fitzpatrick who are writing the draft Mental Health Education Guidelines for years 1-13. This100 plus pages of high quality, relevant, resource-rich and timely document is now back with the ministry. Our recommendations were focused on maintaining this high-quality while presenting the document in an accessible form to the profession.

National Education Leaders Partnership, NELP NZAIMS was represented by Daryl Gibbs at the National Education Leaders Partnership, NELP. This meeting of leading education representatives meets quarterly and on this occasion Minister Hipkins attended.

  • The lack of sector involvement in the MOE redesign and inception of Education Service Agency.

The Ministry Restructure review has 6 people on the review and no one at the leaders meeting was included. Apparently chaired by Price Waterhouse Cooper.

Minister Hipkins has assured the sector

“The sector must be involved in the design of the ESA”

  • During this meeting, Daryl was able to discuss with Minister Hipkins the following points.

  • On behalf of NZAIMS membership Daryl asked the question, 'Minister, a 13-year-old child can be in six different school types or school setting in NZ. (Intermediate, Middle School, Junior high, Area School, Year 7 - 13 High school and Full primary). Yet that same child cannot access the same resources and support depending on their context. In relation to mental health three of these contexts can offer student counselling as of right and three cannot. Is the government looking to address the inequity in mental health funding across the sector?

  • It also allowed the follow-up question - I guess that also raises the question of staffing equity across the school types and school settings minister?

As is the norm, the response was the usual rhetoric “it depends on the next budget bid.”


  • Kāhui Ako: The Accord partners are discussing the Kāhui Ako structure. This conversation is between Ministry, PPTA and NZEI.

  • The pace of change with limited consultation and the number of pilots being rolled out was addressed with the Minister.

The 2021 NZAIMS Annual General Meeting July 7, 11.00am - 11.30am will be a zoom meeting to avoid unnecessary travel and expenses for Schools and NZAIMS. This meeting will be advised and direct invitations will be forwarded to those schools that are full financial members as at April 1, 2021.

The election of NZAIMs officers for the 2022-2023 term will take place as follows.

April - May              Confirmation of eligible roll - Full members and email address used for electoral process.

July 16 - 30             Nominations for President, Vice President, Executive members.

September 1 -14    Electronic Election in progress. Voting materials will be forwarded to full Members of NZAIMS as at April 1 2021


Ka kite ano

Sharon Keen 

on behalf of 

NZAIMS executive

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