Advocacy and Connection

We are strongly connected and advocate for the unique and critical stage of learning and development in the middle years


  • To have a proactive¬† voice and influence Educational Policy to protect, promote and celebrate IMS education
  • To influence intermediate and middle schooling Curriculum development
  • To advocate for intermediate and middle school leadership
  • We have strong regional partnerships and collaboration


  • To engage with decision makers  to influence  Educational Policy as it relates to equity of staffing and learning support
  • Current focus areas – International Students,  Learning support, Curriculum refresh, Aotearoa NZ Histories, Local and National curriculum, Lit and Num strategies.
  • Representation on key national and regional bodies
  • To protect , promote positive outcomes and celebrate Middle school education
  • To maintain a point of difference in the NZ Schooling system
  • Use research to support our members
  • Executive engages with the sector in a variety of ways to inform and collect voice.
  • Executive works to support regional associations to engage and connect with each other to support and grow IMS leadership.


  • We are effectively resourced to support the needs of adolescent learners
  • Middle Years are recognised as its own learning pathway and has a cohesive curriculum that is age and stage appropriate.
  • Middle years leadership is recognised, valued and supported
  • Executive regularly informs the sector of its priorities and gathers voice to feedback to.
  • Regional organisations are engaged and connected with each other, and the NZAIMS Executive