Professional Learning

We have inspirational leaders and teachers


  • To collaborate with appropriate providers to develop current age and stage research.
  • Age and stage appropriate:
    • Sector Leadership
    • Specialist teacher development
    • Pedagogy


  • Research Paper commissioned with Victoria University to gather Leader, Teacher and Student perspectives to create IMS research
  • National and Regional Conferences
  • PLD responsive to Revised NZC
  • Specialist Conference
  • Smooth transition for IMS to Revised NZC
  • International Coordinators (2024)
  • IMS practitioners Counsellors, LSM, SENCO


  • Inspirational learning networking and connection in IMS
  • Pedagogical understanding of Intermediate Middle Schooling.
  • Middle years leadership is recognised, valued and supported.
  • Revised NZC is reflected in IMS pedagogy and learning outcomes.
  • Leaders understand and competently nurtureĀ  revised NZC within IMS year 7-10
  • Specialist Programmes linked to revised NZC
  • Ensure Global citizenship through International students programmes.