Strategic Contributions

We represent Middle Schooling as a vital stage of NZ schooling pathway and influence decision making.


  • NZAIMS is a key partner who provides an expert and critical perspective to the groups we engage with.
  • Identify opportunities and actively partner with other bodies in the sector.


  • Identify key threads of work and respond to
    • Leading Student Support
    • Curriculum Refresh / Design
    • Collective Agreement Bargaining
    • Cross Sector Communication Strategy
    • Use data and relevant research to inform decision making
    • To ensure representation on key national and regional bodies
  • We engage with leaders of other educational organisations with the purpose of hearing and sharing ways to achieve the best outcomes for the emerging adolescent.


  • Intermediate Middle schooling voice is heard and influences relevant changes to key documents or policy decisions. This has the potential to influence better outcomes for the emerging adolescent.
  • We have strong relationships¬† with a variety of organisations to solidify our place in the sector.